Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A birthday party and a ceramic necklace... A Celebration!

The other day we celebrated Isabelle's birthday. Isabelle is my beautiful goddaughter. In the first photo is Isabelle with her mother Mónica Liévano (Mónica is my niece) and in the other photo is Isabelle with Mónica, sister Emma Beatrice, cousin Alejandro and his mother Milliet, and uncle Eduardo Liévano. We had a big party and all the family children were there celebrating with Isabelle.


I have other two photos of my latest design, a necklace using semiprecious stones like red Agata and Serpentine, and ceramic beads. Four of the ceramic beads in this necklace are my creation. Two 14mm rondelles (one violet and the other is peach), and two 8mm rondelles (both turquoise blue and yellow). They make a perfect combination with the other beads. I am celebrating my ceramic beads! I used hemp cord to string the beads since it is strong, stylish and eco-friendly. The closure is handmade in silver wire.
Recientemente celebramos los tres años de mi bella ahijada Isabelle. Aquí la vemos con su mamá Mónica Liévano (Mónica es mi sobrina). En la siguiente foto está con su hermanita Emma Beatrice, su primo Alejandro y su mamá Milliet y su tío Eduardo Liévano. Tuvimos una gran fiesta y celebración con todos los niños y niñas de la familia.
En las próximas dos fotos les muestro mi último diseño. Un collar con piedras semipreciosas y beads de cerámica. Cuatro de esos beads son de mi última creación; dos de 14mm en violeta y peach y dos de 8mm en azul turquesa y amarillo. Estos hacen una combinación perfecta con las piedras y beads. Utilicé cordón en hemp para amarralas ya que es fuerte, elegante y eco-amigable. La cerradura está hecha a mano con alambre de plata.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ceramic Heart and a lovely tree and son...

Here I have one of the ceramic heart pendants that I made, hanging in a beautiful necklace. The necklace has fluorite, ceramic, aventurine, and glass beads. All the beads are hand wrapped using sterling silver wire. My intention with this necklace is to transmit a positive and peaceful energy like the one that is receiving my son, Luis Raúl Albaladejo when he embraces this tree at the Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas, PR. Visit the garden and feel the joy of being in a natural and peaceful retreat. Wear meaningful jewelry and jewelry made with intense love, creativity, and with connection with nature.
Aquí unos de mis pendants de corazón hecho en cerámica y colgando de un lindo collar. Este collar está hecho con cuentas en fluorita, cerámica, venturina y cristal, amarradas con alambre de plata esterlina. Diseñé este collar con la intención de transmitir energía positiva y de paz como la que recibe mi hijo Luis Raúl Albaladejo cuando abraza este árbol del Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas, PR. Visita el jardín para que sientas la alegría de estar en un lugar natural y de mucha paz. Siempre usa joyería con sentido, joyería hecha con un amor intenso, creatividad y en conección con la naturaleza.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeds and Dolphins

This beautiful dolphin is made out of the javillo tree seed (Hura crepitans) also known as Sandbox, Catahua and Ceiba Amarilla tree. The seeds from this tree are cut and form into dolphins. After that I glaze them and make a little eye. The one that you see in the picture is wrapped in silver wire and has a pewter leave, a red coral bead, a crystal and two turquoise coins. I made about ten of these dolphins pendants with different types of semiprecious stones, crystals, ceramic beads and silver charms. This dolphin in particular, is hanging from a Cemí Stone. The Cemí stone is a fundamental symbol in the Taino religion. This Cemí was a present from my late brother in law José (Pepe) Albaladejo. In this picture I connected two important spiritual symbols: The dolphin and the Cemí. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Colorful and unique...

Posted by PicasaI want to share with you my latest creations. Using a variety of materials like lampwork glass, cloisoné, serpentine ( the stone used by our Taínos to make jewelry), czech glass and porcelain beads this necklaces evoke nature and our tropical Island. The wire I used is 16 ga. bronze wire. I'm trying to use less sterling silver because it is too expensive now and bronze wire is very sturdy and beautiful. You will see them soon in my new store. Today I received a call saying that my ceramic beads and pendants are ready. I'm going to pick them up to glaze them and put them again in the kiln for a second firing. As soon as I have them ready I will show them to you.

Estas son mis últimas creaciones hechas con lampwork glass, serpentina (la piedra usada por los Taínos para su joyería), porcelana, cristal checo y cloisoné. Estos collares evocan la naturaleza y nuestra Isla tropical. El alambre usado es bronce de 16 ga. Estoy usando más el bronce debido a que la plata está muy cara y el bronce es muy fuerte y bonito. Pronto los verán en mi nueva tienda. Hoy recibí una llamada avisándome que mis piezas en cerámica ya están listas. Las buscaré hoy para pintarlas y barnizarlas y ponerlas nuevamente a quemar. En cuento las tenga listas se las mostraré.