Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something New

New in my Etsy Shop!!

Hello, Hello... I have added some new jewelry to my shop...

Art Pendant Necklace with a print of my painting "Fill Your Home With Love".

Heart art pendant with a print of my painting "Believe in your Dreams".

These are some of my new pendants...

Love Blossoms greeting card, added to my shop. It is made
using a high quality print from my original painting.

This is a handmade little bookmark made using a high quality print of my original painting "Believe in your Dreams". The back has an original illustration made with watercolor pencils and archival ink and is signed by me, Doris.

I hope you like them!!!

1 comment:

Val Zdero said...

I like your new pendants very much - I have too been making lots of jewellery lately and know how rewarding they can be when they turn out so lovely - well done. Your book mark is great too :D