Friday, June 27, 2008

New Pendants

Finally!.. My son arrived from his study trip to Europe, Africa and Asia (with a super nice sun tan). Here he is with professor Ana Georas at the airport. We missed him so much but we know he learned a lot and that all these experiences are part of his education and a way to fulfill his overall culture. Rauli brought so many artcrafts and lovely presents! I'm taking advantage of all these beautiful objects to display some of my new creations.
Against this Egyptian pipe are three ceramic heart pendants that I made last week. I still need more practice and to gain more experience specially with glazes and I need to get used to work with clay. This one is natural earthclay that comes from our Mother Earth. I didn't use molds, I shaped them with my hands and only used some rubber stamps. The more I practice, the more I like it. In following posts I will be showing more lovely objects and more ceramic jewelry.

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