Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Vacation

At last!!! Our summer vacation. That's why I didn't write a post last week. I have not been doing jewelry but I am making ceramic beads and pendants. I am just waiting to get them out of the kiln to glaze them. In the meantime we have a few projects at home. Today our solar energy system is been installed. How wonderful! From now on, solar energy is going to produce our electricity!! Next week I will show you some pictures. Another project is our organic home garden. We have bananas (plane trees), avocado, mango, guanabana (soursop tree), batatas (sweet potato), ñame, spinach and recao (cilantro). During the next two weeks my husband, my son and I will be preparing the soil to sow some seeds of carrot, tomatoe, eggplant and pepper (some pictures next week too, I promise!).

Any way, I don't have new jewelry but I want to show you two pendants that my son brought from Egypt. The first one is a sterling silver pendant with his name written in hieroglyphic in 18k gold. The second one is a silver scarab pendant with lapis lazuli, turquoise and cornaline that I am planning to use in a necklace. The scarab is a very important symbol in the Egyptian culture. Read more here. With the pendants you can see a Greek Owl and a Turkish (from Istanbul) coffee cup, both from my son's study trip.

This is an authentic papyrus roll of a wind scarab hand made specially for my son Rauili with his name written in hieroglyphic.

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